i also got a new eos lip balm today in summer fruit because my strawberry sorbet one is getting kind of small and nubby, ahah.

new china glaze nail polish in peachy keen c:

new china glaze nail polish in peachy keen c:


How I do my bangs c:

From green to blond to white. :)
Products used:
Beyond The Zone Radical Bleaching Kit (40 vol.)
Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner 

I recommend no one ever use the Splat bleaching kit.

The bleach was terrifying. Most bleach, you put it on and cover your hair with a plastic bag to keep it moist. I used it on my friend and covered her hair and the bleach got so hot I couldn’t even touch it and i had to cut the bag off of her hair because it was so hot. Then after it was time to wash it out, i opened the shampoo that came with it and it literally felt like mucous or semen and it was so stringy and not even like shampoo and it didn’t get bubbly or anything. Also, there is barely any of the “deep reconstructor” conditioner in the kit, so I had to use my own conditioner on her hair. I’m just happy her hair didn’t fall out/break off, but it is VERY dead right now and it definitely could have been avoided if we went to Sally’s and bought real bleach and not drug store bleach.

how i shape my eyebrows :)

Anonymous said: why did you stop posting? ;____;

because i don’t have anything to post and i’m more worried about school than this blog right now

Anonymous said: Do you know any good water/smudge proof black eyeliners? I bought one a while ago that said smudge proof and I come home everyday from school with it all over my eyes to the point where it's really embarrassing hah. I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks!

well it depends if you want stick, pencil, or liquid. personally, i only use liquid eyeliner and my favorite is urban decay 24/7 waterproof liquid liner. :) i don’t use stick or pencil liner because i don’t like them, sorry!